Image Homes LLC has a direct approach in its concept and planning. It is our desire to provide an alternative elegance and sophistication to the production of modern homes, Our hands on approach allowing each owner the opportunity to personalize their home by incorporating their specific needs. Image Homes LLC is committed to delivering on time without compromising the process, using the highest quality materials and skilled labor in order to create a pleasurable experience to the home owners. Customer satisfaction is our # I goal. All homes are meticulously organized down to the last detail.


We work with developers and home owners studying commercial, residential projects to determine their viability in southern Annapolis. Through a comprehensive supply and demand analysis, we will identify the optimal price points for any project. The study will determine if, after all significant factors are reviewed, the project should be pursued.
Every project presents a set of challenges and opportunities. Regardless of the project size or budget, our experienced and professional design team is committed to providing the service, value, and innovation that our clients expect. Every client has unique needs associated with their construction and architectural projects. For this reason we specifically tailor our services to best serve the client, while bringing the full range of our experience to the project –from technical expertise, collaborative energy, and design innovation.
The legal process of obtaining approvals for your development plans can be lengthy, complicated, and without an experienced team - expensive. Entitlement can make or break your project as they are a legal agreement between you andthe governing municipality to allow for the development of a certain building type. Entitlements will detail the function, density and the setback requirements for your property.


Before your construction project begins, the project manager maybe responsible for site selection and due diligence, securing zoning and entitlements, selecting project team members, and creating a schedule and budget; which will lay the foundation for the rest of the project.
At Image Homes LLC we have a zero-tolerance safety approach, high-quality workmanship, and of course, strong subcontractor/trade contractor relationships. Our goal is to select the most qualified contractors to ensure the completion of your project with the highest quality.
Budgets, regardless of how final they may seem, are rarely flexible. Multiple recasts and reworks are to be expected. Once finalized, budgets require constant monitoring of reporting requirements that are used to keep track of progress. Actuals are compared to budget at all levels of your project. Our reporting is performed on a monthly basis and we are always looking for “what-if” scenarios against their budgeted numbers to guarantee your project stays on budget.
Image Homes LLC maintains an experienced quality control department that provides evaluations and program implementation for all of our clients. We furnish a detailed, documented quality control program to owners of real estate and are diligent in providing the resources necessary to deliver the level of service not only promised, but expected. Our performance auditing guarantees efficient delivery of the highest quality services.
With the popularity of modern society focused on reducing carbon emissions, protecting the environment and exploring alternative energy sources our goal is to meet emerging trends and modern expectations.
Our process is designed to project financing costs, expenses, profitability, cash flow, breakeven and return-on-investment for a specific property. These include: 20-Year Cash Flow Analysis, Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR), Cash-on-Cash Return Before Taxes & Before Sale, Capitalization Rate (CAP rate), Loan-To-Value Ratio (LTV) to name a few.

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